White Sands Crystal Foxes

Premiered at Berlinale, Berlin, Germany 2022 

WHITE SANDS CRYSTAL FOXES is Liz Rosenfeld's new experimental cinema work created for a 360° immersive experience. Alex worked with Liz to animate and edit the material and digitally stage it for the planetarium setting at the Zeiss-Großplanetarium Berlin.

The work approaches questions regarding queer sexuality in the face of the degeneration of nature and sustainable resources. Rosenfeld situates an audience within a cruising fallout shelter, where they are taken on a journey of the future of flesh, holes, crystals and foxes. When humans have failed the future of ecological resources and environmental survival, what happens when all are they are left with is themselves? Starring performer Phoebe Patey-Ferguson.

Starring: Phoebe Patey- Ferguson
Director/Concept: Liz Rosenfeld
Producer: Paula Alamillo Rodriguez, Sonja Klümper, Liz Rosenfeld
Editor/Artistic Collaborator: Alex Eisenberg
Cinematography: Imogen Heath
Composer: Neda Sanai
Sound Mix: Ines Nogueira
Editing/Technical Support & Assistance 360°: Florian Meyer & Jürgen Rienow
Production Manager shooting Germany: Nadja Krueger
Production Manager shooting Japan: Iwasa Hirohito
Production Manager shooting USA: Kathy Rosenfeld
Produced by Amard Bird Films

Shot on location:
Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany
Zao Fox Village, Shiroishi, Japan
White Sands International Park, New Mexico, USA

Thank You:
Tim Florian Horn, Veronika Grob, Tim Harwood, Joao Florencio, Iwasa Hirohito, Kathy Rosenfeld,

INVR.SPACE, Medienwerkstatt Berlin

This project was made possible with support from the Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg and the Zeiss-Großplanetarium Berlin

Stills from the Planetarium 

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