The Rimmers


The Rimmers are a family from north London. Gluttonous mother Gaye (Alex Eisenberg), nebbishy father Mervyn (Tom Joseph) and their behaviourally-challenged 12 year old Becky (Candy Gigi) shamelessly put their Jewishness out in the open using audacious public interventions, drag, toilet humour and fishballs. Since 2016 they have hosted the queer Jewish club night Buttmitzvah in London and New York. In 2019 they made their first short film Personal Shopping.

Personal Shopping - Short Film

Dir. Alex Eisenberg, Candy Gigi and Tom Joseph (2019)

Self shot in public using an iPhone, Personal Shopping follows Jewish Princess Becky’s search for the perfect dress for her Bat Mitzvah. Parents Mervyn and Gaye try to manage the situation with the personal shopping assistant who has to deal with this grotesque family. This outlandish, improvised film shamelessly presents a queer version of a Jewish family from North West London. Personal Shopping was supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Film Festivals

- UK Jewish Film Festival, November 2019 (UK Premiere)
- Sick ‘n Wrong Film Festival, Orlando, June 2020 (US Premiere)
- Court Mais Trash - Brussels Independant Queer Film Festival, March 2021 (European Premiere). First prize winner in the ‘Born to be cheap’ category.   
- Burnt Film Fesival, Montreal Canada, 2021

Wannabe by the Rimmers

Music Video - Dir. Tali Clarke
Featuring Alex Eisenberg, Candy Gigi and Tom Joseph (2020)
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